Against the Screw Deal

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy in Washington named Ryan, from the Upper Midwest, who is Catholic, principled, and thoughtful? Someone to envision a reformed government that could care for “the least of these”?

There was one, once.  A monsignor, in fact. And, he wrote a lot. About things that might make your Bernie-luvin’ friend happy. Things that the large majority of Americans support. (Even more agreement when the Koch Bros aren’t churning out enough propaganda to run a Central American country).

Like a just wage.

Like unemployment insurance.

Like a national welfare system.

Like redistribution through taxation.

Actually, you might have heard of some of the legislative accomplishments he inspired. They’re known as “the New Deal.”

If Monsignor Ryan was still alive, he’d call Paul Ryan’s vision of America the Screw Deal. He’d see American carnage on the horizon.

If Monsignor Ryan was still alive, he’d tell him to quit breaking our hearts by stopping hearts.

If Monsignor Ryan was still alive, he’d trash the Ayn Rand heretical crud from Paul’s library shelves and make Matthew 25 Paul’s Lenten reflection.

(Note: In all intellectual honesty, Monsignor Ryan would have quite a bit to say about abortion, somewhat akin to Paul. But, to follow the Catholic lineage in connecting morals to politics, you have to go through John Courtney Murray. More on that another day.)